4 Online Industries Thriving Under Lockdown

4 Online Industries Thriving Under Lockdown

The coronavirus crisis has forced many countries to impose a mandatory lockdown, keeping citizens inside or requiring them to work from home in a bid to stop the spread of the virus. As a result, several industries have seen a downturn in profits. But not every industry has experienced this. There are plenty of industries that have enjoyed a surge in interest since the lockdown was imposed. Read on to discover online industries thriving under lockdown.


Try your luck at an online casino

4 Online Industries Thriving Under Lockdown

For many of us stuck at home, we naturally turn to the internet for our kicks.

With the entire world wide web at our feet, there’s plenty to keep us entertained online during the lockdown.

One such example of this entertainment is online casinos.

With classics such as blackjack, poker, roulette, and more available at a plethora of online casinos, lockdown is the perfect chance to hone your card skills.

As well as classic card games, there are also plenty of Playtech slots, sports betting, and so on to keep yourself entertained too.

And if you fancy a flutter as well as just honing your skills, there are plenty of fast withdrawal casinos, as reviewed on OnlineCasinos, to choose from.

Enjoyed in moderation, gambling is a fine way to pass the time, chat to other players online, and sharpen your mental skills too.


Catch up on classics with video streaming

Online Industries Thriving Under Lockdown

It should come as a surprise to nobody that video streaming services are booming under lockdown.

The Netflix and chill lifestyle have become ubiquitous, helping to fill the hours that we would otherwise have spent outside, socializing, going to restaurants and everything else we can’t do now.

Obviously, Netflix is one of the biggest winners under lockdown.

But there is a whole host of other video streaming services that are enjoying success as a result of the restrictions.

For example, Disney+ launched just in time for the lockdown, arriving just months before countries started placing restrictions on their citizens.

As a result, a number of people are taking advantage of the lockdown to catch up on all their favourite films and TV shows.

From old classics to the latest series, there is plenty to catch up on across the many video streaming sites available.


Stay connected with video communications

Online Industries Thriving Under Lockdown

How many of you reading this had heard of Zoom before the lockdown came into force?

The chances are, very few of you had, and even fewer had used it.

But since the restrictions on movement came into force, video communication technology such as Zoom has soared in popularity.

Today, hardly a week goes by without a virtual pub quiz held on one of these tools.

While Zoom is often used both socially and professionally, the more social Houseparty lets users play games, adding a more fun element to the app.

These are just two examples of video communication businesses that have surged in popularity since the lockdown started.

As time goes on and the lockdown stays in place, we can expect to see more niche video tools bustle for the top position.


Keep fit and healthy with home fitness

A woman working out at home.

Manufacturers and sellers of home fitness equipment have found themselves to be surprise winners during the ongoing lockdown.

This has even led to individuals who otherwise might have had no interest in fitness start looking at home exercise too.

The ease with which it can be achieved, coupled with the extra free time that many of us now find ourselves with, means a home workout is now an attractive prospect.

While these businesses aren’t strictly online (although their eCommerce model has meant they have thrived during lockdown), a number of fitness brands have launched home workout videos for people to do during isolation.

With the ubiquity of video hosting platforms, devices upon which to view them, a number of fitness brands have either turned their hand to home workout videos or apps to meet the demand.


The lockdown has thrown the business world into disarray.

While many have had to close or wind down operations for the foreseeable future, there are plenty of others who have enjoyed considerable success as a result of the lockdown.

However, hopefully once the lockdown lifts the playing field will balance and those closed businesses will be able to start operating once more.


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